CMUS Steel Inc. is a stocking distributor of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) and Seamless oilfield casing and tubing in API grades; H-40, J-55, K-55, M-65, N-80, L-80, C-90, C-95, T-95, P-110, Q-125, and also an array of proprietary alloy grades for critical service conditions and specific technical applications. ERCB Directive 010 compliant casing grades; H-40, J-55, K-55, L-80, C-90, and T-95 are stocked for sour service well requirements and Enform IRP 1.4 casing grades can be ordered for critical sour service applications.

Tubing Size Range: Nominal O.D. sizes 26.7mm (0.750") to 114.3mm (4.5")

Casing Size Range: Nominal O.D. sizes 114.3mm (4.5") to 508.0mm (20").

For demanding well applications, CMUS Steel also carries a vast array of semi-premium and premium joint connections covering both semi-flush, flush, thermal, high pressure, and high torque designs. CMUS Steel stocks coated, lined, and surface treated tubing and casing for various H2O, CO2, H2S, and hard wearing service applications.

In addition to the comprehensive OCTG sizes and grades that CMUS Steel carries, CMUS Steel also provides all of the various casing and tubing accessories required for oilfield well applications which include, but are not limited to: Float Equipment, Casing Bowls, Casing Slips, Centralization Equipment, Marker Joints, Landing Joints, Pup Joints, PSN's, Couplings, Slim-Hole Couplings, Yellow or Blue Band Used Tubing, Slotted or Perforated Casing and Tubing, Pipe Dope, etc. sted in the TEAM tab of this website and they will gladly assist you with your requirements. You can also email any of your requests to .