CMUS Steel Inc. is a privately owned and operated Canadian Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) distributor primarily supplying casing, tubing and oilfield accessories to oil and gas companies drilling in the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin. CMUS Steel was originally established in 2005 as an importer of steel products from various global sources. Today, CMUS Steel imports, distributes and successfully markets ERW and seamless OCTG products and accessories to oil and gas companies, contractors, fabrication shops, and distribution companies throughout Canada.

CMUS Steel has successfully established various favorable mill, and third-party inspection relationships to ensure consistently reliable product deliveries and product quality. To further ensure the highest level of product quality, CMUS Steel has a domestic third-party inspection company inspect every product shipment to ensure all of the products meet or exceed the specified standard. CMUS Steel's casing and tubing inspections are some of the most comprehensive in the business; commonly employing Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI), Special End Area (SEA), Visual Thread Inspection (VTI), ), Full Length Drift (FLD), Ring and Plug Thread Gauge, and Thread Profile Gauge inspections.

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